MASS Race 1 Mid-State Kart Club

From a non-racing standpoint it was a really difficult weekend.  We left Thursday night for Springfield so that we could get an early start practicing on Friday.  During the drive up, the truck’s power steering pump began to make an unholy noise.   After following incorrect GPS instructions, we arrived about an hour later then we expected. 10 pm is late for an 8 year old who needs to be alert in the morning.  While unpacking for the night we discovered that our luggage for the hotel was left at home.  This was a ominous beginning to our weekend.  It was going to take a lot of determination to avoid these distractions.IMG_0758

This was the first race weekend of the Mid-American Sprint Series, the first race of the season for the track at the Mid-West Kart Club, AND the first time Jason has been on this track.  This track’s layout is good mix of Badger with its tight turns, Concept Haulers with its long straights, and Road America’s elevation changes, making for fast and technically difficult racing.  It is very much like Jason’s favorite track Grattan, so much so it is currently his number 3 favorite, behind Grattan and Black Hawk Farms.  The Mid-State Kart Club is run and owned by the club, much like Badger Kart Club.  This lets the track run as a non-profit organization and turn any profits back into the track and keeping the club and kart racing going.  Concept Haulers is privately owned and are relies on making a profit to support the track’s owners.  Club owned tracks make for best racing experience because everyone involved is primarily interested in safe quality racing as the highest priority because they are personally invested and work at the track because they love racing.


Saturday was the first day of two race days.  Our expectations for the day, as underdogs, were to have fun racing. The drivers Jason would be up against were some of the best, and this was primarily an opportunity for learning.  His lap times were very good but a few seconds off the pace.  Our friend Brandon, who has helped us at Concept Haulers, was there and helped Jason drop a few precious seconds per lap with some coaching.  Jason ran a great race and definitely shows the hallmarks of a budding driver.   He managed to stay on the lead lap even with a few mistakes, and only a second or two off the pace.  The more he races the faster he is going to get.

The truck did not fair so well, it dumped all of its power steering fluid and was really hard to steer.   Brad Kline, Brandon’s dad helped us get some steering fluid, but it quickly leaked out.  We decided to park it at the track overnight and the Mersburgers let us put the kart and tools in their trailer overnight.  At that point, we were going to have to stay until Monday and wait for a shop to open.  In the mean time we can Focus on racing.IMG_0742

The weather for Sunday’s race had it’s own special excitement – a forecast for rain.  Most club races don’t race when it rains.  Since this was a WKA feeder series and a more serious event, they still race when it rains.  To keep the day short and try to beat the rain, practice was limited to one session.  Jason qualified third.  All but the last two classes qualified in the dry.  The second to last class was red flagged as the rain came in, and teams were given 15 minutes to change to a rain setup.  At that point everyone else the needed to change to a rain setup and it was officially a rain race.  Knowing this was coming and most of our adjustments we done; we moved wheels in the front out and rear wheels in and put the rain tires on.

IMG_0720If you have an opportunity to watch any motor sport race in the rain, definitely take advantage of it. The whole dynamic of the race changes, it requires the driver to change almost everything about how they take to the track. The racing line is different – wider and smoother.  Throttle and brake control need to be very precise.  Drivers that are fast in the dry suddenly become slow and cautious, and occasionally the slow guy runs away. Jason listened to his coaches and took their advice to heart for the pre-feature and took the wet track like a duck to water. He started the race in third position and his class was behind a two cycle class. At the green flag he jumped out from behind the pole on the inside and made a beeline for the first corner, beating his competition. He headed off the two other drivers for three of the six laps until his kart started to become unresponsive to the motor and was passed at the first tight corner by both of the drivers behind him. He kept the kart going and managed to stay on the lead lap, limping the kart to the checkered flag.131869_10202311844931029_7887569204154681356_o

During the break between the next race we looked at the kart.  We did not find anything obvious, but suspected that the clutch may have issues. Jason took the kart out to the track for the feature, driving as fast as the kart could, until it just stopped working.  He put in a great effort and again stayed on the lead lap for all 12 laps despite throttle problems.

This first race put lots of challenges in front of us.  Some of them on the track and some of them off.  Jason kept his cool and focus on the moment, not letting problems with the truck, rain, or kart distract him from his goal.  Since we had no chance of fixing the truck during the weekend we worked on the problems we could solve and had a lot of fun. IMG_0754Adding an extra night to our trip was not too much of a inconvenience, except for missing work and school, both of which we will have to make up later.  On Monday the truck was road-worthy by 10 am and we on the road home with stories to tell our family and friends.

This next weekend we are off for the holiday then its back to our second home Badger Kart Club on April 27th for their non-points race and some practice before the Sprint Series race on May 9th.  If you are looking for something new to do stop by the track and see the racing.

This weekend we really depended on our track friends to get us through. The Mersburgers gave space in their trailer to store the kart and tools overnight at the track.  Brad, Brandon, and Jeremy Kline lent us moral and technical support including coaching and transportation to various locations.  Thanks to all of you for you understanding and assistance.  Thank you AJ Brown at S&K Buick for getting us back on the road quickly.  Scott, the organizer of this series, deserves lots of thanks for a thankless job of starting a new series.  The folks at Mid-State Kart Club stepped up their game for this first race of their season and hosted a great event.  This was one of my personally favorite weekends with Jason (so far) so thanks to him for being a great kid. It goes without mention that my wife deserves much thanks for being open to possibility way back when…

Start your Engines!

The weather in the off-season, as everyone is painfully aware, was not cooperative.  I did not finish the kart until the week before our first race and then we just had to trust that it was done right.  Last year, we were able to start practicing in February.  Not so lucky this year.  The weeks before this race we worked to get the kart ready and get back in to the rhythm of racing.  We had to collect accessories parts and tools, check the weather obsessively, find the awning and chairs, try on and pack race gear, plan drinks and snacks, etc..  Finally on Friday night, we loaded it all into the truck set out for the track early Saturday.

IMG_0536Jason grew this winter, which is not surprising for an 8 year old. But this meant he needed a bigger seat and a new suit.  A kart seat is like skate or ski boots – it needs to fit tight so the driver has good support and control – but it also means kids grow out of them quickly.  A race kart is a finely balanced machine and changing the seat also changes everything else on the kart, from the motor to the steering wheel and pedals.  Everything needs to be adjusted to accommodate to the driver’s new size and position.  We also bought a new motor to replace the used one we ran for the last 2 years, and which was a few years old when we got it.   I would have preferred to have set it up and tested it in practice conditions but sometimes you just need to work with the time you have.

In order to prepare for the season, we headed to Concept Haulers Motor Speedway for their first race.  We needed to get some track time in to make sure the kart is ready for the more challenging Mid-State Sprint Series.  For our first run at practice we focused on just breaking in the new motor and remembering the track. To break in a motor you need to run it under load (drive it) over a wide range of conditions, fast, slow, light acceleration, heavy acceleration with standard car oil.  Between the first and second practice session I removed the break-in oil and poured in the 4T Amsoil that we normally race with.  Jason, drove the kart like he had never been away and the kart handled great.  All of the test fittings in the basement really paid off.


This race brought some new friends and some old ones.  Chad (#56), Kyle (#26), Logan (#27) are back.  Racers Ryan (#99) and Skyler (#5) are new to the sport, though Skyler has some indoor racing under her belt.  Finally, Sophia (#83), Skyler’s older sister was a great addition to the group.  She has a lot of indoor experience and was very smooth and fast.  It was shaping up to be a great racing day.  The only issue during practice was when the right king pin on Kyle’s kart shattered as he drove over the tunnel.  It caused him to lose a wheel and he slid off the track into the mid-field.  Thankfully, everyone was unharmed and the kart was fixed but not quite the same for the rest of the day.

After the usual drivers meeting and opening ceremony the races got under way.  Jason was scheduled to start the first heat in 7th position, but he swapped to 6th with Skyler because it was her first race and she is a very green driver.  This spot was actually very good for him because it meant he will start the second heat on the pole.  If he does well in both heats, he should be on the pole for the feature.   After a rough start with stalled motors and confusion, Jason leapt from 6th right up to to 4th trailing behind Kyle, Chad and Logan on the green.  Sophia caught and passed Jason at the end of the first lap and Logan got by Chad.  At the end of the next lap Kyle, Logan, and Chad all slide into the infield as they entered turn 13 in a slow tangle of karts.  This left Sophie in the lead and Jason in 2nd.  Jason chased Sophie for another lap until they came up on Skyler’s very slow kart on the hill again.  Jason was able to get by Sophie in turn 14,  but got bogged down by Skyler between turn 2 and 3, and Sophie took the lead again.  Jason passed Skyler in turn three and took off after Sophie until the last lap where he set up turn 4 just right to pass her in the back straight.  From there, it was straight on home to the checkered flag for the the first win on the season.

For the second heat they reverse the order of the first so Jason started on the pole.  He got a great start and led the 6 lap heat all the way to the last corner of he last lap.  Chad had been running hard and caught up with Jason just as they caught the slower Skyler.  Jason checked his brakes to avoid hitting her, but that caused Chad to bump the rear of Jason’s kart.  Jason spun off the track and stalled out the engine.   He ended up in last, after a really great run.  Disappointing but understandable.

With the win in the first heat and the last in the second heat Jason was placed in the third position behind Chad and Sophie.  This was just about the worst place for him to start the feature.  It was going to be tough to get by both of these skilled drivers.  At the green they got a good start: Chad and Sophie followed by Jason.  Chad started to pull away as Jason worked at finding the edge around Sophie.  In the 6th lap Jason at last passed her in the back stretch.  She made one attempt to under cut and gave him a little bump in the hairpin but he hung on and kept driving the line.  Even with 6 more laps there was not enough time for him to catch Chad – he was just too far ahead.  Jason finished his first race of the 2014 season with a mighty fist pump as he crossed the finish line.

Aside from enjoying another race, the main goal for this day was to test the kart and team as we get ready for the Mid-American Sprint Series on April 11th.  On Thursday, we will be leaving for Mid-State Kart Club in Springfield, IL for the first of 5 race weekends, allowing us some practice time on Friday.  Some of the best Briggs LO206 teams in the Midwest are expected.  It is going to be a very challenging weekend.

Thanks to Brandon Kline for giving us some much needed advice and support; he really helped tune Jason back to the track.  The new Concept Haulers Track Tech, Marty Murray who is going to be a wonderful asset to the already great crew.  Most importantly, to my supportive wife and daughter who let us boys play together all summer long.

Contratulations to the 2014 Sponsors

Wild Duck Racing would like to thank our returning sponsors for the 2014 race season.  We are very pleased to welcome AMSOIL as the official racing oil.  We only run AMSOIL 4T Racing OIl in our Briggs and Stratton Racing Animals.  Each of these people or companies is an important part of our team.  Please support them for supporting youth sports and the Wild Duck Racing team!

Official Decal Sponsor IMG_0523Official Kart Paint Sponsor Phil Danrr and Nick Maotta
IMG_20130420_073748Greenwood Restaurant 910 Greenwood Rd Glenview, IL IMG_0370C & M Auto Service, Inc.
835 Milwaukee Ave.
Glenview, IL 60025
Ph: (847) 724-6311 Fx: (847) 724-6399

amsoilThe Official OIL of Wild Duck Racing. Only AMSOIL 4T in our Briggs Animal.

Official Wearable Camera of Wild Duck Racing

We continuing to look for sponsors for the 2014 season. If you or someone you know would like to sponsor Wild Duck Racing, please contact us.

Wild Duck Racing 2014 Schedule

Winter is almost over.  Really, it is.  The days are getting longer and the weather, well, it will get warmer at some point.  We are very exited to announce the schedule for the 2014 season.  This year we are going to race with the newly formed Mid-American Sprint Series in the Briggs LO206 sportsman class with some of the fastest drivers in the mid-west.  We are also, again, running in  the Championship Enduro Series for some very exciting road racing.  If you happen to be at any of these tracks on race day stop by the Wild Duck Truck and say “HI!”.

First Race is in


Pre-Season Races

April 5th Race #1  Concept Haulers Motor Speedway 3674 E 2603 Rd. Sheridan, Il 60551
May 4th Race #1 Badger Kart Club W377S1851 Gramling Ln, Dousman, WI 53118

Mid-American Sprint Series
April 12-13 Mid-State Kart Club 160 Kender Lane Dawson, IL 62520
May 10-11 Badger Kart Club  W377S1851 Gramling Ln, Dousman, WI 53118
June 21-22 Concept Haulers Motor Speedway 3674 E 2603 Rd. Sheridan, Il 60551
July 19-20 US Air Motorsports W5901 County Road BE, Shawano, WI 54166
August 23-24 Road America N7390 State Hwy 67 Plymouth, WI 53073

Championship Enduro Series
May 31-1  Blackhawk Farms Raceway, 15538 Prairie Road in South Beloit, IL  61080
July 12-13 Grattan Raceway, 7201 Lessiter Rd NE in Belding, MI 48809
Aug 9-10 Blackhawk Farms Raceway 15538 Prairie Road in South Beloit, IL  61080
Sept 13-14 Gingerman Raceway 61414 County Road 388 in South Haven, MI 49090

We also plan to race a few club races Concept Haulers Motor Speedway, Badger Kart Club, and give oval racing a try this year.  We will announce these dates as they we find them.

Thanks to our family especially my wife for putting up with us during parked kart season.  We will soon be less annoying, mostly because we will be at the track racing.

Winter Racing

It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving and has been almost 2 months since Jason’s last race.  We are working on plans for next season – where to race and what to race.  In the meantime, what is a racer to do in the chilly Midwest to stay sharp?
IMG_20131130_103910Indoor karting of course!  Today, we made our first visit to K1 Speed in Addison, IL. Our first session was a little slow while Jason took his time to learn the track, but each lap was faster than the last. Add some more drivers and some more laps and he became one of the fastest kids on the track. Jason was definitely having a good time with these slower but still fun electric karts.

Indoor karting is much more technical; the track is narrow and has more and tighter corners. A good driver must think several corners ahead in order to pass. For Jason, this was a new skill to learn.  He is not used to this style of track and has not had much need or opportunity to work on passing. When racing in the larger races, it became apparent that he was making progress with passing but was still occasionally getting hung up behind a slower driver. Overall, it went very well.  He set the second fastest lap for the week which was also the third fastest lap for the month. This looks like something we are going to continue until the outdoor season starts up again.

IMG_0442Don’t forget Monday is cyber Monday and get a kart sticker for you kart, pickup, and trailer from Atomic Decals.

Thanks to the staff at K1 for showing us a good time and keeping all of the drivers safe. My wife for letting me shirk my household duties for the day (again), and to Keith who I hope is reading with an eye for detail before I publish it.


Atomic Decals Special

The season is over for 2013 and the holidays are upon us.  Our friends at Atomic Decals are running a special until the end of 2013 on kart stickers to celebrate our season until the end of 2013.

Get your favorite kart driver, parent or grand parent something to show their karting pride.  Get a kart sticker for $5+shipping now until the end of the year. IMG_0441 Below are some of the awesome stickers and clothing Atomic has made for us over the season.

Backhawk Farms CES Race 7 and 8

img_0562We were back to Blackhawk Farms for races 7 and 8 of the Championship Enduro Series (CES).  We had pretty high expectations for the weekend now that we had the kart set about right and Jason is pretty familiar with the track.  We expected better times and faster laps.  We were also joined by my wife and daughter and my dad.  My Father and wife had a great time watching all of the racers and meeting our kart friends.  My daughter, not so much.  “Not enough horses”.

Karen joined us for two reasons.  First, to watch Jason race.  She has not yet been to a CES race, yet.  Second and most importantly on Sunday she ran the 5K foot race on the track, placing first in her age group.  We could not be more proud and excited for her.  (Karen’s edit:  I was the only one in my age group!!  But you can’t win if you don’t race, so I beat everyone who didn’t come out!)

Saturday’s race brought some friends from Concept Haulers and a real test of everything we had learned over the summer.  Jason’s start was difficult.  He got hung up behind his friend Joey and was not able to accelerate into the first corner as he usually does.  He battled his main rival, #118 John, a few laps in and swapped positions for a couple of laps.  After a little bumping and grinding John pulled ahead and moved on.  Shortly after that Jason caught up with Pete Johnson and they swapped spots a few times until the end when Jason pulled ahead again at the finish.  This is one of the great things about this series, it is not always about racing your class but who you actually race.  Pete shook Jason’s hand when they were lined up for post-race tech, and said “that was the most fun racing I’ve had in a long time!”  It was a great race to watch from where we were at the finish line but the video tells a better story.

Saturday night after the racing Jason talked to all kinds of drivers and took in their advice and encouragement.  On Sunday, he put all of his seat time and newly acquired advice to work.  His start was great.  He accelerated hard at the green flag, passing 5 drivers and was the third kart to the corner.  Most of this race was folks catching up to Jason.  First Pete managed to get by Jason but that did not stick.  A lap later Pete, Jason, and Seth went three wide down the stretch and they went Seth, Jason and Pete into turn one.  In lap 4 Jason was passed by #251 and in lap 5 passed by #118.  From that point on, he was on his own except for lapping the novice class.  At some point #251 dropped out and Jason finished 5th.  His top speed was 73 mph and his best lap was 1:39.079.  Definitely a great end to a strong weekend.

Our next report will be on our last Concept Haulers race.  katie

Thanks to Katie for coming to the track and putting up with her dad and brother and pushing the kart around.  Our friends the Losch’s and Johnson’s for being great sports and racers.  My Dad for sharing his love of cars and has asked about a kart for him.   My awesome wife who runs like a mother.

Sprint Progress at CHMS Race 11

Our latest adventure brought us to back to Concept Haulers Motor Speedway for Race 11, a heat race at night, Jason’s favorite.  We had been working all week to get the kart ready.  Much needed to be done to switch the kart from road race mode back to sprint race mode.  Change the clutch, gears, carb, and tires then clean and inspect everything.  We also planned to make some adjustment to the steering geometry, adjust the clutch, and some carburetor adjustments.  Normally, would not make all these changes at once but it has been almost 6 week since Jason’s last sprint race and we have not have any time for testing.  So, we were taking a chance.


The Juniors watching the Seniors race.

Since this was a night race we could get to the track in the morning and get some extra practice and testing in.  We needed to make sure that we didn’t make the kart worse and have time to fix any problems.   After a few warm up laps, Jason said the kart was working well.  So he ran a few more sessions to settle in and work on his time.  His lap times were about the same as the last race 1:04-1:08.  Reports and past experience said the other drivers were going to be faster than that.  However, Jason is usually faster when he has someone to hunt down.  So, there may be more in the boy and kart yet.

After testing the rest of the racers started to arrive.  It was shaping up to be a good night of racing with 6 kids in the class.  It seemed that fastest driver in our class Brandon was moving up to seniors.  This left Dylan, Tommy, Kyle, Logan, Chad, and Jason.  When they last raced Jason was about 3rd fastest.  Dylan was already fast, Chad and Tommy were fast and had been practicing and expected to be closer to 60 second laps.  So, our expectations were muted due to our lack real race condition testing and the other drivers past record.  That said, Jason’s race practice times were very good, in fact better then the mornings testing but still only 1:03-04 range.  His is going need to be closer to a minute to get a top 3 finish.

Jason started in the 6th and last position for the first heat.  The line up was Kyle, Dylan, Tommy, Logan, Chad and Jason.  His sprints starts have been pretty weak he been having a hard time finding the right technique to jump at the flag and pick up a spot.  In this case he was not able to get by anyone.  Dylan nailed the start and beat Kyle to turn one and everyone else bunched up behind Kyle.  Chad got round Tommy and Logan in short order in the first lap but got hung up behind Kyle.  Jason and Tommy swapped places and back again over the next two laps.  Jason passed Tommy again on the way to turn 4 and Logan spun in the hairpin putting Jason in 4th place.  Jason starts to pick up the lost distance on Kyle, with two laps to go it is going tough to catch him.  In the last lap Jason is starting to close on Kyle on the exit of the monza, when Tommy made a run and pulls back before the kink before the hairpin, at the hairpin tried to cut the inside and drives right into Jason’s side.  Thankfully, Jason is able to recover quickly and does not lose a place an finishes fourth.

Heat 2  to starts the reverse of the first, so Jason is on the poll.  Since I did not get the GoPro started I don’t have details.  Jason had a good start but some managed to get into 4th and then worked his way back up to 2nd.  I do remember it was pretty exciting and really wanted to watch the video.  There were lots of highs and lows as he worked his way back up the field.

 With his excellent finish in the second heat Jason started in the 3rd spot.  Dylan is on the pole, Chad in the #2 spot, followed by Jason, Kyle, Logan, and Tommy.  It was now dark and the temperature had dropped.  These were ideal conditions for our motor setup, rich with cool dense air.  I also upped the tire pressure a bit to try to get some more grip.   When the flag dropped Dylan was off and speeding away, followed by Chad and then Jason hot into the first corner.  Chad has been running some fast laps all day long.  I was concerned that Jason was not going to be able to keep up.  But to everyone’s surprise, Jason was hot on Chad’s heels and showing signs that he could even pass him.   They ran that way for the next 9 laps while Jason worked to keep up and find away around.  At the very end of the 11 lap Jason gets the last corner just right and pulls up on the inside of Chad and get the lead at the first corner.  He holds on for the rest of the lap and earns 2nd place with the second fastest lap of the night and his fastest lap ever: 1:01.73!!!

Jason’s next race is this weekend at Blackhawk Farms.  There have been lots of folks registered and we have high expectations now that we have figured out the setup for road racing.  It should be a great weekend of racing.

Thanks this week to Alesia, Jason, and their crew for putting on a great races and managing the track this summer.  To my wife who is going to run a 5K this weekend at Blackhawk.

CES Race 5 and 6 at Grattan Results

This was Jason’s plan for the weekend at Grattan.
Friday: Drive to Track and Fish till dark then bed
Saturday: Wake up, Practice, Fish, Race, Fish, bed
Sunday: Wake up, Practice, Fish, Race, Fish, home
That and as it turns out that is how it pretty much went.  He raced very well and caught many bull heads and bluegill in the pond at the track.

no images were found

This weekend we went to Grattan Raceway for the 5th and 6th race of the Championship Enduro Series.  From what we had heard it is supposed to be a spectacular and very challenging track. We were not disappointed. It is a 2 mile course that starts with a very long front straight and and heads back around in a twisted writhing snake of hills and curves that includes three off camber turns.  Jason loved it.


Carol and Karl Watching their first Kart race.

Jason’s Grandma and Uncle Carl came to watch him race on Saturday.  There were expecting sprint oval racing but got something very different.  This was the first time Grandma Diener got to watch him race.  I am not quite sure what she thinks of all this but she seems to have a good time as did uncle Carl.  We where both very happy to have them around and appreciated their company.

Saturday’s lap times started slow, as expected, first time on the track and I had the gearing all wrong.  First laps where in the 2 min 40 second range during the first practice.  With some more tuning and more practice we got it to a respectable lap time of just over 2 min, but there was still more to go.  Finally, I checked my notes from Gateway and Blackhawk Farms and found I already had knew the right gearing 17/55.  I did that late on Saturday after the race.  I take notes, I should look at them.  Sunday before practice, I got the kart set up right and he was off and chasing the grown ups.  I wish I had the video for the Sunday race, he was battling with #31 a senor heavy  Briggs LO206.  Jason would pass him in the straights and #31 would pass Jason in the corners.  It was great racing right down to the end.


2 Firsts and a Championship

Weekend Stats:
Saturday Best Lap 01:57.915
Finished 1st in class (7th overall)
Sunday Best Lap 01:50.406
Finished 1st in class (7th over all)

As a bonus this weekend was the Briggs Animal Road Racing Nationals.  Jason’s first place finishes in the Novice Junior also gave him that trophy as well.  Thanks to Reagan, Briggs, and 4 Cycle Central for setting this race up.

Thanks this week to the Losches and Ed and Ben Leonhardt for letting share your garage and playing with us, your insite and enthusiasm is invaluable.  Stardust Memorials for sponsoring us for the weekend your support is invaluable.  Last but not least to my wife and her mother we are very glad you are around an let up play with our fast toys.  Our next race is August 3rd Concept Haulers and then back to Blackhawk Farms with CES on August 9-11.  Karen is going to run a 5K on the track before Sunday’s race to please cheer her on too.

Latest news and Grattan


It has been a little while since we put out an update.  After the Blackhawk Farms race we got very busy.  We entered the kart in Glenview Summer Fest car show and managed to win trophy with a slightly dirt racing kart.  I am not really sure how they marked us for door sils and trunk interior but the motor was clean.  We also hung out at the C&M Auto team after the show.  Folks definitely enjoyed seeing the kart and talking about racing and cars.  We have been going to car shows to promote karting and have been having lots of positive response.

We have also been to Concept Haulers for two races.  The first race was a qualifying race and we where not at our best placing 4th all day long, not much a story to tell.  The second race, a heat and night race, and went better.  He placed 2nd, 1st, and 2nd in the feature.  Jason started the second heat in third as the race started Dylan and Chad spun out in turn 1.  Jason managed to get through them with out incident and lead the race to the finish.  Winning the second heat put Jason on the pole for the feature.  On the start Dylan beat him to the first corner and was gone.  Chad was not able to get around him and they stayed that way to the end.   This was a extra special night because both his Mom and sister where there to cheer him on.


Next weekend we are headed to 5th and 6th races with the Championship Enduro Series at Grattan Raceway in Belding, MI.  We expect to see a number of Badger folks there is weekend too.  From what I have heard it is quite the roller coster of a track with lots of fast corners and rolling hills.  We are both looking forward to seeing what its like and how he performs.

This Sunday’s race is sponsored by our friends at Stardust Memorials.  Please show them your support.

Thanks to Stardust Memorials for their support this weekend.  The Village of Glenview for the great time we had at summer fest.  At my wife on our 12th wedding anniversary.