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Grandma D at Gingerman

Grandma P at Michigan International Speedway

Mom at Gingerman

Jason and the team have been continuing to adjust the 2020 season as thing change.  The state of the racing world has been changing every day.  Some tracks have opened only to close down again.  Any plans we make are subject to change as conditions change.  One of the highest priorities for the team is keeping everyone healthy and will be take precautions to keep our family and friends safe.

Jason will have his first 2020 weekend at Road America in a Spec Miata practice session.  If the sessions go well the plan will be to put together a ride for the SCCA June sprints early in June.  The June Sprints is the race his grandfather went to back in 1967 and planted the seed that grew into this adventure. 

Since the Cup Karts of North America races up to this point have been canceled and endurance kart races have been rescheduled the next possible kart will be fathers day weekend at Mid-Ohio.  There is a hope that kart tracks will be classified like golf courses and he can start practicing and kart racing on a regular basis.

On the virtual side of the racing word, last weeks WKA eSeries race was a grand time.  There was some pre-race technical issues that limited his practice and qualifying time and qualified 22nd in a field of 49.  With a lot of determined and careful driving he pushed the car through the field to finish 17th.  He got some very good screen time at the end of the race as he picks up on last position.

He has been practicing all week to get ready for the next race on what we consider his home track race at Road America on Monday night.   This race should also help him prepare for the real thing the coming weekend.   You can watch the race live at 8 pm EST on YouTube.

Thanks Mom!

Not resting while the season is delayed.

Despite the state of today’s world Jason has not been resting, we have been updating the 2020 Schedule as we have updates.  There is hope that we will be able to get to a track for some practice laps soon.  We have been updating the kart and Jason has been working hard sim racing to prepare for his SCCA races. 

If you are race fans like us you have been following NASCAR, Indy, and IMSA race series drivers compete in iRacing on TV over the last few weeks.  Starting today Jason will piloting a Skip Barber open race car in the World Karting Association A-Maxx Racing WKA eSports Series Presented by Summit Racing Equipment.  This series will be broadcast on the  platform and can you can cheer along for your favorite driver.  

April 27 8PM EST – Race 1 – Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval – Watch
May 4 8PM EST – Race 2 – Daytona International Speedway Road Course – Watch
May 11 8PM EST – Race 3 – Road America – Watch
May 18 8PM EST – Race 4 – Sebring International Raceway – Watch
May 25 8PM EST – Race 5 – Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Watch

Watch the races with color and commentary on Twitch for free. 

In other new Jason has a new race suit from Tri-Star Racewear.  Check just a few of our sponsors logos, more will be added soon.  This is sharp well constructed suit that will last him a few years.  Thanks to Kelli the Tri-Star team. 


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Thanks to everyone who has supported Jason over the years and please stay safe.  We will be at the track soon.

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2019 Racing Review

The 2019 season was very good,  Jason and team managed to hit 11 different tracks, 2 endurance racing and 1 sprint race,  and one special event.   Because he raced in a large number of series he was only running for points in one mini-series, but was successful in just about every race he entered.

  • Dart Kart Club Mini Series: Animal 350 Senior 3rd
  • Dart Kart Club Mini Series: Animal 370 Senior 2th
  • Battle of the Brickyard Briggs 206 Jr 12th
  • 30 Race Season, 1 Win, 12 Podiums, 16 Top 5

In addition to kart racing Jason spent some time in a Lucas Oil School of Racing formula race car.   He attended the basic class at Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course and the second class was held at Autobahn Country Club.  Both weekends were a great experience for him and will let him get his SCCA license and start working on race car seat time in the 2020 season. 

Some more of the seasons stats

  • 4 Car Shows
  • 3 New Paper Articles Tribune 1LanternTribune 2
  • 5 Busted Motors, there might be a problem
  • 4 days of rain at the race track
  • 6500 miles on the Duck Truck
  • 20 Gallons of pure methanol 
  • 12 Quarts of Amsoil 4T
  • 10 Cans of Amsoil Brake cleaner
  • 2 Sets of Bridgestone YLCs 
  • 6 Sets of Vega VAH Reds
  • 3 Sets of Hoosier R60s
  • 11 Weekends away from home
  • WebSite Stats
    • 14 Posts
    • 1233 Visitors
  • YouTube Channel stats 
    • 24 new videos
    • 33K impressions with a 5% click rate

The 2020 plans are still up in the air at the moment, we are working on plan A with more cars and plan B with more karting.  Seeking new marketing partners and sponsors is always a priority.  Please reach out if you or someone you know is interested in supporting a racer early in his career. 

Thanks to our 2019 Partners for their continuing support we could not have done this with out you.   Do you know someone that wants to support racing, see our partnership page for more information.
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Agile Karing: Episode 2

In which we look at brakes and axles.  This lay down kart is much different from what I have been used to working on.  It something that could be very fast once setup right. 

Agile Karting: Episode 1

Now that the 2019 season is over we are going to try something new for 2020.  A laydown endurance kart has entered the duck blind and we are going to create some project management videos to document the project and the agile project management technique. 

The Struggle Continues: Cup Karts Grand Nationals 3

Jason is trying to earn InTech Trailer for 2020.
Please, follow this link and please vote for Jason Pribyl: InTech Trailer #MaxTheTach
Thanks, now share it with your friend, fans, and family. 

When you head to a National level race you have to be prepared to put in full effort for the weekend to be competitive.   You can’t let up, everyone is working as hard or harder than you are.  Jason and I put in 3 solid days of hard work and pushed our skills and knowledge to this limits.  On the surface looking a the the results from you would think that this weekend was a disaster, but while it was all happening we were having a blast and working hard.  Just showing up to a National Level race and being competitive is saying something.

The Cup Karts of North America held its Grand Nationals October 4-6th at New Castle Motorsports Park in New Castle Indiana.  We arranged to use a Coyote Combat kart and get support from Coyote Motorsports for the weekend.  This should give us a leg up for the weekend over our usual the mechanic is totally lost situation.  This was a new program for both us and Coyote so the weekend was very much and experiment.  It was successful experiment, we got great support and help and would definitely work with Jim and his team again. 

We arrived just after the gates closed on Thursday night and sleep on the floor of the trailer in the parking lot so we could get in early on Friday morning.  Since this was something like an arrive and drive, it was all hands from Coyote and Wild Duck Racing getting Jason’s kart build before practice.  We took the combat frame as a base and then tore down our two coyote wide tracks for parts, creating a hybrid bodied kart ready for racing in just about 2 hours.  We then executed the plan day of practice.  First get Jason used to the new kart and correcting things like improper steering shaft length quickly.  Then on to tuning to get the kart up to speed.  The afternoon of practice was was started a freshened motor and new tires for some qualifying practice ending the day running in front to see who was catching us.  All day the kart kept moving faster and near the top 10 of a 43 kart field.  The team put in a solid 12+ hours picking up 2 second throughout Friday just to keep up with the field.

Saturday practice and the heats from a speed perspective where pretty good, but the results weren’t that great.  The biggest thing we did was shed some weight on the kart, about 8-9 pound where found and we shifted the seat around to get the balance right.  He set an inadequate pre qualifying time which he was in the second group starting second, but put him behind a much slower kart for qualifying.  He caught the slower kart by the second qualifying lap and never got a good flying lap in.  The First heat with him in 28th and he made spots very quickly.  As he was working on 18th in the 5th lap he was bumped off the track in turn one ending his race.   He started heat 2 two in 40th of 43 and the the battle at the rear was brutal he have to fight very hard to stay on the track and gain a meare 8 spots to move up to 32nd and his nose was destroyed in the effort.  Overnight we cleaned up the kart and replaced damaged parts from the days battles and tried to get some rest.  

Sunday was going to be a long day there was only one practice, one heat, and the feature we still had to stay on our toes and keep Jason and the kart in top shape.   Heat 3 was probably the highlight of the weekend.  The morning had started with rain and everyone switched to a rain setup.  He had a great rain set up thanks to the folks at Coyote.  Jason started the race in 32nd and treading carefully but still very quickly on a very wet and slippery track moving, in 8 laps, all the way up to 9th.   The feature was probably the low light.  The rain had stopped and everyone had including us switched back to a dry setup.  As the green flag dropped the rain started again rain and karts started sliding everywhere.  During the first lap Jason hit a puddle under heaving breaking as he slowed for a accident in front of him.   He slid hard into another kart as was sent spinning over the top of karts.  After a rotation and a half, touching each corning in turn, he landed safely and drove hard for the next few laps picking up spots in very dense and chaotic traffic.  Having made his way up to 18th place by the 5th lap the the rear left tire damaged in the first lap crash let go and went flat and he pulled off to to watch the race relegating him to 38th place.  

Despite not finish the feature for the second year we had a great time racing.  The help and support from Jim and Coyote team was superb, we would definitely do that again.  Rob from Kart City also gave us some great support as well.  He helped us find a bit more speed and gave us the clues and hints we needed to get his motor race ready.

Thanks to the Greg, Steve and the whole Cup Karts of North America Team this season has been great and we have learned a lot and race with some very tough competition.  You guys have come a long way since you started with a barn storming 206 series. 

Happish Returns: CNKA at 61 kartway

61 Kartway has not been on the Wild Duck Racing schedule for two years and it’s too bad.  It is an awesome technical track that Jason really enjoies racing on.  Jason last raced at 61 in the beginning of 2017 for the spring classic.  We returned this summer for the Cup Karts of North America.  We have been working on qualifying so that he can keep clear of mid-pack chaos during starts.  After the success at Badger Kart club earlier in the month we hopped he could continue to be successful.     

Our usual arrive on Thursday night and prep the kart on Friday morning worked out great.  We were very relaxed in getting the kart ready and well rested for the days work.  Practice started at noon and went well as Jason adjusting quickly and refreshing his memory.  Jason and the kart were close to the front pack and he should be fairly competitive with some more seat time and some persuasion gently applied to the kart.

Saturday, we tried to duplicate the plan we used at Badger, practice twice on old tires and then put on the new ones for the final practice for a qualifying test.  That test went poorly, he was a second off the pace and qualifying did not go better, 14th.  The track had started to gain grip as the karts laid more rubber on the track and we missed the queue to adjust the kart.  The first heat start one was red flagged as karts piled up in turn one, on the second try, he made some quick moves forward on the green flag but was shoved off the track and had to fight hard to get to 16th from a 20th.   The second heat started with bang as the field piled up behind a spin in turn one collecting Jason.  The second start was cleaner and he moved quick and hard to move from 16th to 11th.  Unfortunately, kart setup was undone by the 2nd heat accident and the kart was very hard to drive never mid fast.  He started 11th and then quickly dropped back to a 15th place finish.  Over night we inspected the kart and found the issue but suspected that it might also be bent, something we could not fix at the track.

Qualifying on Sunday went very poorly again there was too much grip in the kart, he was 16th.  To add to this the field had gotten much faster and tighter, the top 10 where only a few 10ths apart.  We need to practice that and understand how to get the kart up to speed faster and pay better attention to changing track conditions Starting the first heat in the middle and getting spun off the track in the middle of turn three was not a great start to the day.  Thing got slightly better in heat 2 with a good clean start and he moved up to finish 11th.  As the feature started he was again driven off the track but this time in turn 4 and has work to catch the tail of karts.  He again pushed hard and make up time and moved from 20th to finish 13th after penalties were given out.  After returning home we checked the kart carefully and found that it is not bent, so we need to keep working on setup and keeping up with track conditions. 

Mid-West Kart Association

Next is Advanced Racing School followed by some time off, though we might try to get a club race in for some more practice.  We want to reach out and offer our condolences to the Midwest Kart Association on their last race weekend at the their current track.  Hopefully, they will find a new place to race.   Jason has only raced there once and will miss the track, but we still will race with the folks we met there. 

Cup Karts at Badger 2019: Cheese Cows

The weekend of July 12-14 we had a choice, go to Grattan with Championship Enduro Series and road race or head to Badger Kart Club with Cup Karts of North America and sprint race.  It was really a tough choice to make, Jason loves to race and we are not running for points in either series.  A phone call from Jim at Coyote put us over the edge to go to Badger.  It’s also helps that Badger only two hours away making for a slightly easier weekend.  Lastly,  badger gives wisconsin cheese cows to each of the podium winners, this is a great motivator for Jason. 

After the previous hard weekend at the battle of the brickyard we were all ready well prepared for sprint racing.  So much so, we never unloaded the trailer, we just changed tires and dressed the clutch with the kart on the stand.  The only stress came from preparing for another very hot  weekend and letter from village complaining about the trailer in the driveway. 

Race weekends for the last year and half, since returning to sprint racing, have followed a pattern.  Friday practice goes well with Jason and the kart showing speed, running with the fast karts with room for improvement.   Saturday morning, things fall apart and we have to start hunting for speed again.  They ended on Sunday finally getting the speed back for the feature but having to start from a poor position on the grid and battling slower karts.  In hindsight, Indy was a hint of that changing.  There he started pretty fast and kept building all weekend.  It felt like he was on the cusp of returning as a driver to battling in the fast pack. 

The weekend started with fast practice sessions on Friday.  The kart was hopping as usual but we ignored that and focused on speed.  At Indy and this weekend we had made a number of big setup changes.  We put narrower front wheels for better grip in the turns, moved the front wheels in a bit again for better rotation.  We also moved the rear wheels in to allow the kart to jack(lift up the inside wheel) so it does not drag through the corner.  The jack does cause the outside to hop as it grips and releases from the track surface as the kart corners at speed.  As the day progressed we dropped the air pressure and narrowed the front we experimented with some fine tuning.  In the past, this was the opposite of what we have been trying previously.  We ignored the hop and looked for a fast setup while Jason cut a fast line around the track and it seemed to be working.

Saturday started with one round of practice on used tires to make sure we were still on pace.  For rounds two and three we broke in a new set of tires and pick up more speed and he became one of the fastest karts on the track.  He pre-qualified in 3rd and then qualified in 9th.  This put him in a bad place with some slower but hard to pass karts.  He finished heat 1 in 8th, and Heat 2 in 9th.  The feature only made one more position and then was gifted an additional spot for 7th due to a penalty on another driver.  During the feature he set the 2nd fastest lap but was not able to capitalize on his speed.  He was no longer struggling with the kart but working with it and getting it to go very fast. 

With only one practice on Sunday, we decided to use it to practice qualifying and work on getting a better starting position for the first heat.  We set the kart up getting up to speed in just a lap or two instead of the usual five or six laps.   That practice paid off, he qualified 6th only .099 seconds behind the fastest kart.  In the heats, Jason stayed in 6th or 7th throughout most of the races but this time he was running with the lead pack and was getting faster as the race went on.  He started the feature in 6th place and moved up to 5th by turn one.  He fell back to 7th after the first couple of laps.  At the halfway mark he dodged a tangle of three karts, giving him 4th, 3rd was now too far to catch but he was well if front 5th.  The leaders drafted each other and Jason slowly crept up to them as they battled.  The white flag flew declaring the final lap.  As the leaders entered the boot the karts in 2nd and 3rd connected and peeled off course and tossing up a dust cloud as Jason zoomed by.  He kept calm and clean for the remains of the lap and seized second and most importantly earning a cheese cow for his first 2019 sprint racing podium. 

This weekend showed a change of team dynamics, instead of trying to make the kart perfect we worked to just be fast.  Jason took more of lead in tuning and we listened to each other as we made plans for each session.  There was a real difference in his driving as well it was smooth and crips.  It was great to see him move from the best of the rest to hanging with the lead pack again.  It’s been a long time since he was running fast and have the ability to stand on the podium.

The next race will be Cup Karts of North America race in Delmar, Iowa’s 61 Kartway.  It’s been a few years since we have been here and we are looking forward to having a go at this tight and rolling track now that we have a better plan and some new skills. 

Thanks to Jim Coyote Motorsports and Reagan from 4 Cycle Central for the tuning advice.  Rob at Kart City Performance for putting together a great motor for us.   Everyone that offered words of encouragement this weekend, it really meant a great deal to us.