Battle of the Brickyard 2019:More weather

There are few race tracks in the world that can come as close to Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  LeMons is older, Monaco has a more rarefied crowd, and Daytona is famous in the US, but the Brickyard has everything a motorsport fan could ask for.  Fast cars with historic drivers and history making races.  As an facility it is beyond amazing for both driver and fan.  We spent the 4th of July weekend at the track racing with some fastest drivers including a couple of Indycar drivers, Conor Daly and Gabby Chaves.  Just one part of the amazing experience was his ‘parade lap’ around the big oval, add another story to his pocket. 

The Battle of the Brickyard was a great experience for the team.  This race is a true international race with drivers from the US, Canada, South America, and as far away as Australia.  The track could called a street style layout at around 1.2 miles, it has the long smooth lines of a road race and the tight technical corners.  Jason has the unique experience as a road and sprint racer to quickly understand the speed of the track.  The challenge will be getting the kart into a state where he can drive it fast and stay in the draft. 

Our pre race preparation and experience paid off quickly in Friday’s practice 3 short practice sessions.  The kart only required minor adjustment to get it up to speed where Jason could drive near the front.  He wasn’t the fastest but he was able to run with the front pack and as long as we kept moving the kart forward he should be able to get a top 10 finish.   As usual, we needed to work hard to search for the karts sweat spot, not over think things, and not succumb to the weekends oppressive heat and hold off on rain. 

Qualifying was on Friday night after practice and was a very informal process.  The karts were sent out in bulk with instructions allowing drafting but no bump drafting.   Unfortunately, Jason was not able t find a suitable drafting partner and qualified 14.  This forced him to battle for position during most the Saturday’s heat race instead of moving forward and finished 14th.   The pre-feature was rained out on Saturday night and was rescheduled for a shorter 5 lap race on Saturday morning.  With a great start he moved up to as high as 11th but then fell off the draft and had to fight very hard in a 4 way battle for 12th.  He made a great last corner pass to capture 12th at the checkered.   In the 14 lap feature  Jason moved from 12th to 11th in a few laps and started to pull away with the lead pack.  However, a few minor mistakes plucked him out of the draft.  Unable to draft he was forced to wait for the pack a few seconds behind him to catch up to him for new draft partners.  While they were not able to help move back to the found he was able to race and with them easily.   He was able to swap places with this pack and  made moves at key moments to take the pack lead retaining 12th as the race ended.  

The next race is Cup Karts of North America at Badger Kart Club.  This kart is pretty much ready to go, just need to change the clutch and tires.   We had an attempted test race a few weeks ago and got some limited data and practice.  Hopefully, he can make some ground.

Thanks to Karen my lovely wife and Jason’s mother for letting us race on our wedding anniversary.  Thanks to TJ Holingsworth of Winning Synthetics for the Amsoil and the seeds of the 2020.  Lastly, a thanks to Jim Lipari at Coyote Motorsports for the weekends tuning advice. 

Fathers 2019 Day At Mid-Ohio: More Rain

Father’s day weekend was spent at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course as we raced with the Dart Kart Club and Championship Enduro Series.  The weather for the weekend was not expected to be great but Dart Kart Club has been great about getting racing in and they will race in the rain at Mid-Ohio. 

After the previous races disaster our plan to have motors came together nicely, 4 Cycle Central built us a new motor using what remained of all of our old motors and a used 206 case.  We took off the loaner and put on our very own motor and for Friday’s practice.  Though, we had to wait for the rest of the kart, it needed tires, other adjustments, and the track need some dry time.   Once out there the kart was still a little tight but showed pace.  The wet weather kept us from really tuning the kart the track did not really get dry and fast until later in the afternoon which left little time.  We did scale and align the kart post practice, we are still trying to work that skill out for ourselves. 

Saturday morning brought some more rain, but once it dried up the racing was great.   Jason started on the pole for reasons unknown to us and was able to start well.  His youth showed a bit as he dropped back to 8th or 9th, but he skillfully worked his way back up.  In the Animal 350 race he finished 6th and in th 370 race he finished 4th.  Between races one of our competitors blew a motor, they too had a PT4 with a cracked motor mount which led failure.  Both Jason and I put in some time in getting that kart apart and repaired.  While looking at our own kart Jason and I found and repaired a broken seat strut.  We celebrated a great day of racing with our fellow animals by having some low country boil fixed up by Jack, bench racing, and watching the 24 hours of LeMons well into the evening. 

Regrettably the rain continued into Sunday morning.  I had a plan to get the kart out on rain tires if need be.  However, Jason felt that since he was going to be the only one on track for the 350 race he was going to take the rain points and things weren’t looking good for the 370 race.  We decided to bail on the day and head home.  I don’t often have regrets about racing, but all the way home I watch the sky clear.  Once home we heard that the 370 race was held in the dry, but most of the Animals had packed up and left. 

The next two weekend are off with a trip to Road America for the Indycar race and then home for a weekend.  Though, we may head to Wolf Paving Raceway for some testing and a practice race.  Otherwise, we will be preparing the sprint kart for what is likely the biggest race we have ever attended, the Battle of the Brickyard at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The weekend after that will be the next Cup Karts of North America at Wolf Paving Raceway

On fathers day we are missing dad and grandpa.  My dad inspired me to take my son to the races Road America and then put him into a kart.  Much of the talk during Blackway Farms racing and during our Formula 1 weekend was about how much he would have enjoyed it.  Thanks Dad!  Thanks Mom for coming with us to both Blackhawk and Montreal and allowing us to share racing with you.  Thanks to all the folks in the banner picture, these are either dads supporting their family or family supporting a dad.  Thanks You all. 

This is why we race

The second Championship Enduro Series weekend, June 1-2, at Blackhawk Farms was probably one of the most challenging we have ever had.  Jason wasn’t involved in any wrecks but there was very little time to catch our breath with numerous mechanical issues.  We have been working on the Road Kart since we bought it, making little changes here and there in an effort to get it setup right.  It has been very very close on a couple of occasions.  As the season ended last year we went through two maybe three motors with failed side cover gaskets.  This seems to have been caused by a cracked chassis and thought that was solved.  This year we had already lost a motor Nelson Ledges, things went from bad to worse.  

The first race of the weekend a few laps in two karts got together in front of Jason and he had to head to the grass to avoid getting collected and he slid into the tire barrier with a less than gentle bump.  Thankfully, he was unharmed but a was little rattled.  He collected himself, as I inspected the kart for issues and was able to address the pushed in body work and he pushed the kart back up to the start finish line for the restart.  The restarted race went off with out any issues this time, starting from 21st he picked up 9 spots to finish 11th.  Between races I gave the kart a more detailed inspection and found that the steering was extremely notchy.  It was carefully disassembled to keep settings to find the sticking point.   I discovered he kingpin bolt on the left side was way too tight and pinching the bearing causing it to stick.  This was easily fixed and the front was reassembled.  Race two was, thankfully, uneventful.  Right at the start he picked up 4 or 5 spots and as the race progressed he moved up a spot just about every lap as they crossed the line he finishing 8th.

After racing was over there was time to get some extra practice in, practice and racing was earlier hampered by rain and a wet track.  Unfortunately, the motor very quickly died.  With the kart back in the pit we put the last motor on, filled it with oil and gave it a test start.  It immediately started leaking oil from the crank seal.  We started tearing down the motor and found the case had cracked from top to bottom allowing the crank seal to easily pop out.  We were out of motors and had just begun to think about what to do next, when Jason appeared with two motors.  Reagan and Jack lent us motors for Sunday racing and a backup for Mid-Ohio should we need it. 

Sunday racing was much worse and not much to tell.  The borrowed motor worked great but we broke a belt in the first race and in race two broke another both just a few laps in.  The rear gear hanger was loose and moved over causing the belt to slid off and catch on the gear bolts. 

We think we have the motor issue solved.  The motor mount was rebuilt and welded and it is something we will add to our list of things to keep an eye on.   Looking all of the cases and motors they all have signs of cracking that are probably a result of the loose mount and cracked chassis.  The loose mount allowed the motors to shake and bang the internal parts around enough to cause the crank and case failures.  We have a plan for a new primary and are working on a finding a secondary motor.  We should be back on our own equipment and ready for racing again at Mid-Ohio. 

Next up for us is a weekend “off” as we travel to Montreal to  enjoy our first F1 race.  The weekend after that we spending father’s day weekend at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, one of our favorite tracks.  Jason will again be racing 350 and 370 Senior and will have some stiff competition.  

Thanks to Regan(4 Cycle Central) and Jack for their support this weekend.   Thanks to Jason for putting in the effort to get other drivers on the track after their karts where damaged, that effort will pay off.

New Tracks Are Awesome – Nelson Ledges

For the last 8 weeks the team has been working and racing hard.  The only weekends we did not race were rain outs.  The club race was rained out and Gateway was too but the preparation was done to get there.  The weekend of May 17-19, we had a chance to try a new to us track.  Dart Kart Club held their first race of the season at Nelson Ledges Road Course in Garrettsville, Ohio.   It’s been nearly 30 years since the last kart race there and we were very excited to have a go at it.  The track is similar to Blackhawk Farms in terms of style, long straights with sweeping turns an a few technical bits that should provide a weekend of close high speed racing, perfect for Animal Nation racers. 

The rain followed us form Illinois and the track was wet and green Friday morning.  The track crew worked quickly to dry the track and after a short delay it was open for practice.  Jason went out with instructions for a Sunday drive(he never holds back, sigh) and came back grinning and chattering about the speed and complexity the track.  It took him a few rounds of practice and some tuning on my part to get the kart really fast.  As the day wound down, we discussed possible changes for race day,  he was starting to slow as the tires wore out and fell off.  After much discussing, we choose to swing pretty big, changing gearing(up a tooth, less pull but faster), wheel width(looser kart), and put on new tires(more grip).  We hoped that the changes will keep him up to speed with the rest of the pack.

Again, the day started with rain, this time a few hours.  The track was ready for practice just before noon, and practice one gave us a gear change to drop the rpm again.  Then as the second round practice started a dog ran on to the track and a red flag halted the session.  Jason pulled around to the last corner to come off, the motor shutdown with a bang.  We don’t exactly know what went wrong but the rod gave way busted the cam, and damaged the case.  With only one real session available to tune now with a new motor, gearing, wheels, and tires, it was questionable if he would continue to be a front runner.  Jason is used to driving an kart out of tune, hopefully he could work through any issues as he races. 

Animal 350 Finish

Jason will be racing two classes with the Dart Kart Club, Animal 350 and Animal 370.  Both races will be 25 minutes, the only difference being weight.  The first of our day was race 2 in Animal 350.  Right from the start, Jason and his kart where with the lead pack the whole race and was battling for position every lap.   After race time ended the karts 2 by 2 and within 0.15 seconds as they crossed the line.  Jason set the fastest lap but finishing 4th, just missing 2nd by 2.6 hundredths of second.  In the day’s 370 race he was again in the hunt but a loose motor forced him to retire early but still finished 4th.  The karts were very fast and close, anyone could pull out a win this weekend, including Jason with a little luck. 

Sunday started no kart changes and two of quick rounds of practice.  The weather was just about perfect for racing warm track for good grip and cool air for great horsepower.  Jason got a great start in the 350 race moving up to third by the frist bend.  As the opening laps wound up so did Jason as he picked off second and then a took the lead.  He started to pull away as the pack battled behind him for second.  Jason continue widened his gap, no up to 5 or 6 seconds, as the 25 minute race reached the halfway point.   The karts behind stop fighting and started to together to drafting and pushing to catch up again.  As race time ticked down final minutes the pack caught up to Jason but he kept his foot down and this elbows out for the last few laps.  As they exiting the last corner Jason manged to have a half second game and crossing the finish for his first win of the season and as a senior.   Unfortunately, in the final 370 race he lost the draft and was in 5th place by a wide margin for most of the race.  Despite his gap, he ended up finishing 3rd as attrition picked off karts in front of him.

After this great weekend, we are taking some time off for Memorial day, but will still be hard at work in the garage as we prepare for the next race at Blackhawk Farms(Championship Enduro Series) the first of two races in June.   The turn out for Blackhawk is looking very good, there should have some great racing.  We are looking forward to trying to repeat last years great finish.  We are sad that we will be missing the Cup Karts of North America at Michiana Raceway Park.  Good luck to all the drivers wish we could be there too.

Thanks to all the guys at Animal Nation for accepting Jason as a young driver and working with us all these years.  We really love hanging out at the track and racing with you guys.  Thanks to Reagan at 4 Cycle Central and for the great motors and Jack Reall the advice and support. 

2019 Cup Karts Spring Nationals

The Cup Karts of North America Spring Nationals at Concept Haulers Motor Speedway is the 2019 kick off race.  This is a national level race with drivers from all over the US and Canada.  So far, we have been in our own little world for practice sessions, how do we stack up?  Not only do we get to race, but we can hang out with all our racing friends in meat space.  It feels good to be back at our second home on the road.   Jason and I really appreciated the personal feedback from our friends, fans and followers.  It is part of what makes the racing community great.   

This year Jason is racing a new to him 2015 Coyote Wide Track.  This the same model of kart he raced last year but only has one season on it it.  The old kart was well used and had been welded many times.  We have been struggling with finding the perfect setup on this kart and have gotten very close.  In practice, he is just about on pace with the front pack but is still battling some handling issues. 

The Bolins gave us a big hand with the kart setup and suggested some ackerman changes.  This setting is done at the steering column, by moving the distance of the tie rods to the column.  Closter to the column the faster the steering turns the wheels.  It also changes the twist of the kart in corners and can be used to help lift the rear tire during turns and improve kart rotation.  With that adjustment Jason picked up another half a second and moved closer to the front.  Some more on the topic of kart geometry

Despite arriving on Thursday night, getting on the track for for Friday’s practice was rushed due to delays at registration.  We rolled the kart up a few minutes after practice started but still got some solid laps in.  In the second session Jason spun in the hair pin and was bumped pretty hard by a following kart and bent his axle.  Without missing a beat a new one was installed for the third round. Then the gear carrier was left loose and spun off the axle key.  It had to be cut off and replaced.   Despite the mechanical issues, by the end of the day he was looking to be at or very near the pace.   As always there is never enough time to really get the kart dialed in.

Practice on Saturday started with a rear wheel failure during the second practice session.  This ate in to the valuable tuning time to adjust to the days warmer track conditions.  As racing started Jason qualified well starting heat one in 9th and finishing 7, in heat 2 he finished 8.  He was in the thick of battle in the second pack.   At the start of the feature he dropped a spot and spent most of the race in a 4 way battle for each taking turns in 6th.  As the laps closed he moved up to 8th and then 6th and 7th tangled in the hair pin giving Jason  6th.  In the last lap he a the 7th played late breaking chicken in the hair pin and Jason spun.  He stayed on the track but lost many positions finishing 18th.  An excellent race but a disappointing finish. 

Sunday played out in a similar way.  He qualified 9th moved up to 8th for heat 1 and 2.  Then in the feature he was bumped in the first lap and fell back to 15th and into slower more erratic traffic.  He did manage to avoid further difficulty while he picked up two spots to finish 13th.  He had the speed to run near the front all weekend and our efforts were dashed by bad luck. 

Mothers day weekend of racing with Championship Enduro Series race at World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway was rained out.   We are next headed to Nelson Ledges Raceway(Dart Kart Club) for the first kart race there in 20 years.   Jason will also be running as a Senior in two classes this weekend and is very excited to be in the hunt for the championship. 

Thanks Jim at Coyote Motorsports for the kart and tuning help,  Rob at Kart City Performance for the excellent motor.  Thanks for the extra seat time to Ksobiech’s, always interesting to try something new.  A big shout of thanks to the Bolins for giving us a hand when they were struggling on with their own issues.  The stickers on the kart were made by Seth from Hot Rod Designs, he does excellent work. 

Thanks to our 2019 Partners for their continuing support we could not have done this with out you.   Do you know someone that wants to support racing, see our partnership page for more information.
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Racing School

Amidst all the kart practice Jason took a big step into a race car.  On April 23rd and 24th he attended the Basic 2 Day Lucas Oil School of Racing Course at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.  This class is for the true racing novice and is required for further instruction and race licensing.  While he does have lots of race experience he doesn’t have any practical car experience and this is a great way to get started.  He prepared for the class by first racing on this track for a few hundred laps over the last two years in his karts, getting some basic passenger manual transmission practice, and a more track practice in iRacing.  None of this will actually prepare him with the real life the physicality of a race car but he knows the track and have some manual transmission basics. 

Jason had a very special experience, he was the only student.  The school wanted to focus on the lapping students and since Jason was registered wanted to try out “Private Lessons” to see if it would work while they thought about possible pricing.  He had one on one instruction and the track to himself for two days.  Though he did share facility with the advanced and lapping school they were not on the track at the same time.  The only disappointment was he did not have a chance to interact with other students, but ultimately he had a better than basic experience and progressed faster than a normal class would have.  A private class is a great way for someone to fast track into the these cars. 

Day one started off with introductions. His instructor was Gerardo Bonilla.  Gerardo was a driver for Mazda during their early days with IMSA and raced Indy Lights and is currently a professional driver, coach, and instructor.   He and Jason quickly hit if off as they traded racing stories.   The initial class time was a great throwback kid kart days as they went over fundamentals: this is the car, this is how you corner, and these are the flags.  All good things to review in a new racing situation and it brings the driver focus in an unfamiliar situation.  Some of the pictures were the same ones I used as we prepared for his first race as we started kart racing.   I was completely comfortable to hand him off to such and experienced and relatable driver and teacher. 

With a smile, Jason stepped into the Ray Race GR-RSC and began getting familiar with the car, adjusting the seat and locating familiar and new controls.  He strapped in the 5 point harness and started a race car for the very first time.  He quickly felt comfort in the car as he found a new space to dwell.  After a quick clutch and shifting drill he eased the car down to the pits and on to the track.  For his first laps, Gerardo led him in street car(Dodge Challenger R/T) and Jason in his race car.  They started slow but quickly picked the pace up.  For the second session he and Gerardo took to the track for more follow the leader but this time both in race cars.  The third session was a breaking and segmented track session.   Jason had two stopping points on the track first to keep him slowed down but also to give him a pause to think about the segment his just finished and then prepare for the next segment.  The day was rounded out by a full on lapping session followed by data analysis and feedback.  Throughout the day Jason was able to process new information and instructions as he built his race kart skill set.  Each time out he was stepping up and incrementally faster.

The second day started with another braking session but with only one stop point, Jason had to work pretty hard to find the right touch.  Race car brakes are much more finely tuned then kart or even passenger car brakes.  Eventually, he was able to lock the breaks up.  The next two sessions were lapping with on course feedback followed by a data session.  The last sessions introduced starts, while he was familiar with starts from sprint karting he had never done it in a car on a big track.  Big track kart races are standing starts and his view from a car was very different.  The last session of the day he was able to lap the track for a full 30 minutes.  This where the lessons of the past two days started to come together and he became more confident in his car and skills.  He was able to put together a string of very consistent laps in the 1 minute 42 second rage.  This is a shows that he was at a point where he could start the real work of shaving time off to approach the advanced drivers who are running laps 1 minute 40 second laps.

Overall it was a great experience for Jason.  He was able to get in to a car and apply his skills.  At the end of day 1 he was got a 1:57 in, by the end of the last session he was consistently running 1:42.5 second laps.  This is about 2 second off the pass but the consistency is an important step to start refining lap times.  We will see what he can make of this and where it takes him.  It might be just be a one time event or it could be start of a career.

Bonus, This is Jason(orange) doing a demo of the speed limiter feature with RC Enerson(Red), Gerardo(white)

The next race is Cup Karts of North America Sprint Grand Nationals at Concept Haulers Motor Speedway.  We are looking to be in better shape this year having practiced a few times.  Hopefully, the recent coaching will be useful and Jason can move toward joining the front pack. 

Thanks to Neil, RC, and Rebecca Enerson and the Lucas Oil School of Racing crew for giving Jason this great experience.  Thanks Gerardo, an excellent instructor and would highly recommend his to any racing team at any level from karts to Indy Car.

Thanks to our 2019 Partners for their continuing support we could not have done this with out you.   Know someone that wants to support racing, see our partnership page for more information.
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The 2019 Season has started

And like that the 2019 racing season has started.   We have been very busy over the last couple of weeks, preparing the karts for the season.  The sprint kart has been getting the most focus.  We have been tearing it down and building it back up.  On the road side, the his animal are out for some refreshment at 4 Cycle Central

Jason got this years first track time for some warm up laps and a shakedown of his Coyote Wide Track.  As usual this happens at Concept Haulers Motor Speedway, which will also be the site of the seasons first two races.  We have been working in the garage for the last few weeks waiting for the right weather.   It works pretty well but yet ready to set any records, some tuning is going to be needed and them some more track time and tuning to get it just right.

The next day he attended the Youth Races Show at the Southeastern Wisconsin Short Track Hall of Fame in Hartford, WI.  Because all his Animals where away we had to borrow a prop motor for the show, Thanks Holtz Racing!.  While there he met NASCAR Xfinity Driver Josh Bilicki, a former Badger Kart Club karter  He also won a Street Super Stand, something we also needed as the one man stand was showing signs of failure.  Thanks Joe Palmisano for putting this unique show on.


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Thanks to our 2019 Partners for their continuing support we could not have done this with out you.   Know someone that wants to support racing, see our partnership page for more information.
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Wild Duck Racing 2019 Schedule

2019 Tentative Schedule 

Wild Duck Racing has another busy season of racing planned for 2019.  Jason will be returning to the Championship Enduro Series(CES) for the full season road racing.  He will be adding some Dart Kart Club(DART) and World Karting Association(WKA) races.  He will also be sprint racing with Cup Karts of North America Championship(CKNA).  Expect to see Jason at a couple of club races for tune ups and just having fun racing. 

This year’s stretch goal will be attend Lucas Oil School of Racing in a modified Ray Formula GR11 car.

You can find and subscribe to the schedule on google calendar by searching for “Wild Duck Racing” or follow this Calendar Link.

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Thanks to our 2019 Partners for their continuing support we could not have done this with out you.   Know someone that wants to support racing, see our partnership page for more information.
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InTech MaxTheTach: Vote For Jason

Here it is, the first of February, its still too cold and frozen to hit the track for some practice days, and race day is months away.   Thanks to InTech Trailers and we now have something to take the edge off parked kart syndrome.  You can plan out your dream race trailer from InTech Trailers and then find something racy to fill it with at  You can even find parts and service vehicles there too.

Now for the part were Jason needs your help, race over the InTech Trailer Max The Tach voting pages and vote for Jason.   This is the first round of the voting for the top 25 teams.  For the last two years Jason has made the top 25 and then the top 10.  Lets see if we can get him all the way to the top 5 and on to number one.   Please follow the link and vote there are only 5 days of voting in the first round and your vote really helps.  

To Vote click on the banner below and select type Pribyl in the search box to find Jason, enter your email address, click submit and we are off to the races.   Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.  THANKS!

Here are the videos we made for the MaxTheTach top 10 for 2018 and 2017. 

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Thanks to our 2019 Partners for their continuing support we could not have done this with out you. 
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