2021 Season Starts with speed

Jason had his first practice weekend at Grattan Raceway to shake down his road racing karts.  We managed to get the new PT4 kart tuned up and running.  We did find the break lines needed to be replaced and the seat fit was just wrong, both were fixed at the track.  The old PT4 was eventually put together and had two laps put on it before the weekend was over.   Both karts need some adjustment before they will be race ready for the Championship Enduro Series opener at WorldWide Technolgoy Raceway May 7-9 but both seem fast.

The weekend of May 1st, Jason took flight in his first SCCA race in a Formula Enterprise 2 race car.  World Bridge Partners Executive Search supported his entry in the Mark Amenda Memorial Majors.  Rennkraft Motorsports prepared his car and coached him through Friday practice as he got himself comfortable.  He didn’t show much speed but by the end of the day there was some glimmer of potential and we was starting to have fun driving.   Saturday, began with practice and qualifying, had some good speed and qualified 2nd a class of 6 cars.  Unfortunately, during the days race he made a mistake in turn three and went off track and dropped back quite a bit.   He was able to recover and kept pushing and passing cars to the checkered flag, finishing 4th. 

Saturday Qualifying

Overnight, Jason and his coach Tony studied the days data.  Some adjustments were made to the car and Jason made adjustments to his drive.  At the drop of the green Jason hit turn one in hot pursuit of this rival and stayed with him for the first two laps when a yellow came out for some other cars.   On the restart Jason again was on his tail.  A few more laps in, Jason, still chasing, backed off when the lead car started leaking water and then eventually retired, putting Jason in the lead.  From that point on Jason drove a clean race to earn his first win in a car.  

Thanks again to World Bridge Partners Executive Search for sponsoring this weekend.   Tony and the Rennkraft Motorsports team put together a great car that allowed Jason to demonstrate his skills in his first race, a great group to work with.

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2021 Race Schedule Announced

2021 Tentative Schedule

The 2021 season is going to be the most ambitious yet.  Jason will again campaign his 4 Cycle Central Powered TS Racing PT4 in the Animal classes.  Additionally, he will run a second PT4 in the Open class at select races.  The big kart race this season will be the Animal Nationals at Summit Point Raceway in May.  The biggest change in the season will be a campaign in a Formula Enterprise under the Rennkraft Motorworks tent.  Jason hopes to qualify for the SCCA Runoffs at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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2020 was quite the season

2020 did not go as planned, from a racing stand point was a good thing.  While waiting for the pandemic delayed kart season start but he made due with an WKA iRacing series and a trip to Road America for practice in a Miata.  As the season schedule reformed racing opportunities appeared that weren’t on the original schedule.  From June to October we where on the road for three out of 4 weekends racing and even added some additional practice days. 

Every weekend was full of racing.  Jason entered 2 classes in the Cup Karts of North America, which meant more track time but also more work as we only had one kart.  He was cycling on the track every 30-40 minutes for 3 days at a time.  At the first cup race Jason was offered a seat in a Arrow X5-4S by Noah Stark Engine Works and we ended up running the kart for the rest of the season.  On the big tracks was entered ether a singled class with two races or three classes with a single race each day.  Again only with one kart.  During one weekend we added a motor swap at Pittsburgh during practice and between races, so three races, one kart and two motors.  The highlight of that weekend was hitting 109 in his kart down the back stretch.  The last big adventure of the season was getting Jason into a Formula 1600 race car for some wheel to wheel racing at 130 mph.  All that racing added up to to some spectacular results.

2020 Season Results
Dart Kart Club Series: Animal 380 Senior Champion
Dart Kart Club Series: Animal 360 Senior 3rd
Dart Kart Club Mini Series: Open 2nd
Dart Kart Club Mini Series: Animal 380 Senior 4th
Dart Kart Club Mini Series: Animal 360 Senior 3rd
Championship Enduro Series: Animal 370 3nd
Championship Enduro Series: Open 2nd
Formula Race Promotions Pittsburgh Race 2: Formula 1600 7th and 4th
Cup Karts of North America: 206 Light 6th
Cup Karts of North America: 206 Medium 10th

Result of an excursion at New Castle Motorsports Park
Some of the numbers from the season

  • 43 Races
  • 3 wins
  • 19 Podiums
  • 27 Top 5
  • 5 off track experiences, 4 in a kart, once in a Formula 1600
  • ZERO BLOWN KART ENGINES!!!! Jason did blow up a Miata Engine
  • Frame Bent 3 times, Cracked Twice
  • 15 Weekends away from home
  • 15 Frozen Pizza eaten on Friday night.
  • 40 Gallons of Methanol
  • 7748 Miles in the truck
  • 5 Trailer Tires
  • 12 Sets of kart tires
  • 1500+ Page views
  • 9 Posts

A big thank you to our 2020 Partners for their continued support. We could not have done this without you.   We are looking forward to working with all of you in 2021.

Alex Ross ArtAmsoil, BldActive, C&M Auto ServiceEVS Sports, The Greenwood Restaurant, Glenview State BankGoProJennings ChevroletOGIO BagsPitPosseRynoPowerSlick ProductsShorai PowerWinning SyntheticsStardust MemorialsTri Star Racewear, Wicked AudioXona Software

2020 Tri-Star Racewear Suit
Jason with 2019 Junior Champion Trophy<

Enough practice, lets go racing!

In October 2011 Jason took his first drive in a kart at 6 years old, over the last 9 years he has logged thousands of miles in kart a driving as fast as he can.  In October 2020 Jason stepped into a race car to participate in his first race.

The 2020 season was supposed to include more car racing when covid arrived and reeked havoc on our plans.   Jason was able to get into a Miata at Road America for his first track time of any kind for the season.  After that karts seemed more of a priority and less complicated.  Having all but given up on cars for the season, I connected with Greg at Rice Race Prep who had a seat available in an F1600 at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. Even better, the race was just a couple of weeks after the Dart/CES kart race giving Jason would have recent knowledge of the track.

Jason and T.J. a fellow kart driver preparing a F2000
The trip started with the usual pandemic activities, me driving and Jason going to school as we traveled.  The first task after our arrival was to introduce the Jason to his car and begin what turned out to be 2 days of getting him to fit with some comfort.  He was a little tall and broad shouldered for the car as it sat.  The Rice Race team adjusted the car until Jason was relatively comfortable and was able to move about the cabin enough to drive and shift.  Though, it did take a good part of two days, normally this would have been taken care of at the shop prior to the race but time and scheduling prevented it.

Jason spent all day Friday and Saturday morning practicing and getting used to the car.  By the he started his first race he was fairly comfortable driving the car at speed and was on the verge of running laps with the leaders.  His biggest challenge was finding the confidence to make passes when we was faster car.   He finished the race in 7th after dogging on the tail of a slower driver for most of the race.

The second race started with slight off as he battled for position that put him, again, behind some slower traffic.  He struggled to pass until the halfway point when he finally broke free and began to push hard to try to catch the cars up front.  He was making ground for the next two laps until he dipped a wheel off track and slid into the wall in the back stretch.  If you watch the video you can seem pump the brakes to slow and hear him have words.  Thankfully, he was uninjured and was able to climb out to safety quickly. The car, however, was done for the race but not for the day.

All weekend Jason had made adjustments to his driving as the Rice Race crew adjusted the car around him.  Jason and the car had bonded and were starting to work well together.  At the drop of the green flag, he got an excellent start but held back as he rebuilt his confidence and felt out the now repaired car.  While the front pack battled hard he carefully made up the gap.   As the race wound down he caught up to 4th and 5th and made bold passes to take 3rd.  In the second to last lap he missed a shift on the exit of the final turn and dropped back down to 5th.  Jason pushed himself and the card hard to try to reclaim 4th but came up just short.  In the end after penalties where assessed he finished 4th over all and 2nd in his class.  Thanks for Greg and Rice Race team for giving Jason a great opportunity. 

Thanks goes out to C&M Auto Service of Glenview, Jason’s very first sponsor.  Chuck and the team have supported him since his kid kart days welding his first cracked chassis and more recently a broken road racing chassis.  They also support all the Wild Duck Racing fleet of cars, trucks, and trailers. 

2 Down And 2 To Go

September brought the end of the Cup Karts of North America regular season.  Jason finished 6th in Senior Light and 10th in Senior medium.  Both where very competitive classes and he showed a great deal of improvement in his first year in the class. 

In the last weekend of September Jason joined in the last race Dart Kart Club 2020 season at Pittsburgh International Race Complex.  We are still awaiting final results for the 3 classes in the full and mini series.  We can report that he had a blast racing his kart with a limited mod animal on it.   It was astoundingly fast topping out at 105 MPH with his drafting buddy Jack Reall.   The only down side is we found the speed and power ate tires and rear gears.  Because of some of Jason’s limited mod testing there has been some talk about creating a new class with a faster version of this motor and sprint karts next season. 

The first weekend in October Jason brought the Cup Kart of North American Grand Nationals IV.  While Jason started off mid-pack fast, the kart suffered through another accident and it never quite recovered.  Jason and the team worked very hard to bring it back up  to speed.  After Saturday’s heat he  made the medium feature starting 45 of 60 and was mid-pack in light.  Unfortunately, in both features on Sunday the kart had no speed and was the last finishing kart in both races, but he did finish.  It was a very disappointing weekend of racing but still a good weekend spent at the track.

The penultimate race of the season is not a kart race but a stint in the #13 Rice Race Prep F1600 formula car at Pittsburgh with the Formula Race Promotions series.  Rice Race had two drivers of their F1600 win two of the three Team USA scholarships which opened a seat for Jason.  The weekend will start with a full day of practice and coaching followed by two days of more practice and 3 races.   We are very excited for this opportunity to show his racing prowess with a high level team. 

Thanks to Glenview State Bank and David Kreiman for continuing to support Jason dreams and the Glenview Community.

Still Racing: A Lot

Jason and team have been very busy racing for the last 3 months.  The delay to the start of the season caused various series to reschedule races.  This season has been one of the busiest.  We have been on the road 3 weekend of the last 3 months and having a blast.  Just has Jason has been at the track either racing or practicing for the last 5 weeks keeping sharp and fast. 

This weekends race is going to be big one, Dart Kart Club at Pittsburgh International Race Complex will decide 6 champions.  Jason is entered in 3 classes and 2 dart series this season and could potentially win the championship in the 4 Animal classes.  The battle for full series Animal 380(2nd) and 360(2th) is very close with the top 4 within 100 points.  There is also a race mini series to be decided and he is in 4th in 360 and 2nd in 380.  A good showing could move him into first and class champion.  Jason has been joining the open class He is firmly tucked into second and he should stay there as long as he makes the grid and starts.  He will be running a 19 HP limited mod animal for the first time.  This will be great experience for him learning to drive a more powerful kart.  Watch his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds for live video and updates over the weekend.  Don’t forget to checkout the videos on YouTube to watch past races.

Grattan Win
Nelson Ledges Win
Gingerman Win
Jason and Wild Duck Racing has been supported by Jennings Chevrolet for many years.  The Wild Duck Truck and the other family cars where all purchases there.  They have a great selection of new and used cars.   It is also a great place to have your Chevy or GMC serviced.   Thank you very much Jim Jennings and team. 

Brought to you by Jennings Chevrolet
Follow the link for Jason’s Page

Off to the Races 2020

Its been a wild few weeks of kart racing now that we have a moment to pause I can write up the first sprint kart race of the season.  The Cup Karts of North America held its first race June 6th and 7th at 61 Kartway in Delmar Iowa.  Rather then gently getting back into tracking Jason entered two classes 206 Light and 206 medium.  We have not run two classes in sprint karting for few years and knew this will be challenging but not impossible.  

Because Jason had only been on the a kart track once since last season, we decided to head to track very early to try to get some extra seat time and started practicing on Wednesday.  We spent the two days adjusting the kart and trying out different set ups.  This year Jason was clearing in charge of setup and I was guide and helper.  Over the two days the kart and Jason got faster as he built confidence and found the sweet spot on the track. 

Through out Friday and Saturday the kart became more of hand full to drive as the track picked up more rubber.  The highlight being Jason qualified 5th in medium but ran into a hole what collapsed on him when a driver in front of him had to avoid another kart.  In both classes he had to fight his way up to 10th in light and 14th in medium.

Sunday was a different story.  Overnight Jason had talked his way drive in an new Arrow X5-4S kart from Noah Stark Engine Works.  With only short time to adjust to the kart he qualified 8th.  He came of the track amazed that a kart could handel as well as this one.  Unfortunately, he suffered yet another shove off the track.  In heat 2 was able to set the 3rd fastest lap while making up spots.   He managed to move up to 7th place by the end of the feature.   He ran his own kart in the medium races but was not able to get the speed he needed to move forward.  In the medium feature he moved to the Arrow having to start last(18th) and he moved up to 13th. 

It was a good weekend of hard work that felt like it paid off.  After race day on Sunday we ended up buying the kart as it was a second and half faster.  We are going to spend the next few week preparing the new kart for racing at New Castle and getting ready for the Mid-Ohio race in the road kart. 

Thanks to Noah Stark for the opportunity and the help with setup of the kart.  Jason really likes it and is looking forward to getting it back on the track.  This was also the debut weekend of Jason in is new suit from Tri-Star Race Wear.  

Race Season Begins

Jason has been very busy over the last two weeks, so I am going to just write some quick notes on each event.  We are trying to make the best of fluid conditions.  The many plans we made for the 2020 season have been canceled or postponed.  Now things are day by day making the schedule up as we go along.  We are going to do our best to hit the track as much as possible.

First up Jason is no2 15 and is old enough to drive on the public streets.   He has thousands more miles of experience driver then his peers but will still need to learn the rules of the road and adjust to traffic going both directions.

Up next WKA iRacing Race 3 at Road America.   Jason qualified 4th and raced an extremely clean race to finish 4th and earning series points.  He is currently in 8th place over all in the series.  He put a lot of work in to this track as he as he prepared to driver a car on it the following weekend. 

Just a few days later Jason was in Wisconsin driver a spec Miata at what could be considered his home track, Road America.   He initially was placed in a novice group but when he was passing $300,000 Mercedes SLK in a effectively a rental.  He was moved into a more experienced group and once there was able to learn a lot more from folks that pushed his skills.  On Sunday his practice was shorted by heavy rain but he was still able to get some a couple of good wet sessions, every lap counts.  Watch the WildDuckRacing YouTube channel for videos from the weekend.  Thanks to Advanced Autosports for providing the car for this first weekend out of 2020.

Jason did not get the best qualifying time at Sebring, WKA iRacing Race 4, which put him in the middle of the field.  In the opening lap he sustained damage and lost his from and rear win which slowed him considerably.  Despite that handicap he was working his way up the the field and was approaching the top 10 and more series points.  During the competition caution restart he lost his nose cone when he was driven over and fell way back.  He worked his way back to 17th by the checkered flag but it took amazing concentration and effort to keep the car on the track.  Watch the full race video on YouTube.  The video below is a highlight of Jason’s car during the broad cast, glad we can show support for our sponsors. 

The schedule for the next few week is now up to date for June.  It hardly makes sense to commit to anything beyond that.  

  • May 25 8 pm EST – WKA iRacing 5 – Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • May 27 61 Kartway practice
  • June 3 Concept Haulers Practice
  • June 5-7 Cup Karts of North America 61 Kartway
  • June 19-21 AKRA/CES Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course,
  • June 26-28 SCCA Majors Blackhawk Farms – TBD

I want to take a moment to share our plans around Covid-19.  Jason and crew will be practicing social distancing and wearing masks to keep the team, family, and our friends healthy.  This is going to take some of the fun of racing, a good chunk of racing is sharing stories and making plans for new ones.  Second, any plans we make are going to be subject to conditions on the ground and will change on very short notice.  This may lead to canceled races and practice sessions.  We are going to do our best to follow CDC Guidelines and keep both driver, crew, and our fellow racers safe and still race as much as possible. 

Thanks to everyone for supporting Jason and Wild Duck Racing looking forward to racing and seeing folks enjoying the track again.   Be safe and take care. 

With the support of mom.

Wild Duck Racing wishes everyone a Happy Mothers day.
Race Moms are the heart of the sport.

Grandma D at Gingerman

Grandma P at Michigan International Speedway

Mom at Gingerman

Jason and the team have been continuing to adjust the 2020 season as thing change.  The state of the racing world has been changing every day.  Some tracks have opened only to close down again.  Any plans we make are subject to change as conditions change.  One of the highest priorities for the team is keeping everyone healthy and will be take precautions to keep our family and friends safe.

Jason will have his first 2020 weekend at Road America in a Spec Miata practice session.  If the sessions go well the plan will be to put together a ride for the SCCA June sprints early in June.  The June Sprints is the race his grandfather went to back in 1967 and planted the seed that grew into this adventure. 

Since the Cup Karts of North America races up to this point have been canceled and endurance kart races have been rescheduled the next possible kart will be fathers day weekend at Mid-Ohio.  There is a hope that kart tracks will be classified like golf courses and he can start practicing and kart racing on a regular basis.

On the virtual side of the racing word, last weeks WKA eSeries race was a grand time.  There was some pre-race technical issues that limited his practice and qualifying time and qualified 22nd in a field of 49.  With a lot of determined and careful driving he pushed the car through the field to finish 17th.  He got some very good screen time at the end of the race as he picks up on last position.

He has been practicing all week to get ready for the next race on what we consider his home track race at Road America on Monday night.   This race should also help him prepare for the real thing the coming weekend.   You can watch the race live at 8 pm EST on YouTube.

Thanks Mom!